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Business Overview (Introduction)

A hand tool is a device for performing work on a material or a physical system using only hands. The hand tools can be manually used employing force, or electrically powered, using electrical current.

Virtually every type of tool can be a hand tool and many have also been adapted as power tools, which get their motive power from motors or engines rather than from human mechanical action.

In general tools can be classified as: driving and chopping tools (hammers, mauls, sledges, screwdriver and bit, chopping tools); cutting and smoothing tools (saws, chisels, planes, files and rasps, brush-cutting tools, miscellaneous cutting tools); drilling, boring and countersinking tools; measuring, levelling and layout tools (rules, tapes, marking tools, levels and plumb bobs, squares); gripping, prying and twisting tools (pliers, wrenches, bars); holding, raising and grinding tools (vises, clamps, jacks, grinders and oilstones); timber handling and climbing tools; digging tools (shovels, posthole diggers, picks and mattocks); portable power tools and trailer-mounted tools (electric tool trailer and generator, portable power tools); miscellaneous tools.

The single bit axe chopping tool is used to fell, trim tress, split and cut wood. It may also be used for notching and chopping logs and timber. The double-bit axe is limited to the splitting, cutting, trimming and shaping wood.

Mauls are used in conjunction with a wood-splitting wedge to split wood.

Hammers come in various sizes and shapes, and based on that they must be used for different jobs.

The screwdriver and bit also come in a variety of sizes and designs and it may be used to tighten and loosen screws, for precision work, to punch holes in leather, or to remove small nails or tacks.

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