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There are around 2,500 small-scale and tiny hand tools units in India. Amongst these around 350 units are concentrated in Jalandhar and more than 100 units in Ludhiana, and collectively they employ an estimated 25,000 workers. India\'s share is more than Rs. 5 billion in the global hand tool market. The manufactured hand tools includes spades, shovels, mattocks, etc; hand saws, files, rasps, pliers, etc; pipe cutters, spanners and wrenches, and goldsmith tools, vices and clamps, anvils, tools for turning, milling, grinding, etc; sharp edge tools, etc;. Hand Tool industry is an energy intensive industry with high scope for improving energy efficiency and energy saving.

These tool rooms and design centres serve the industries in:

  • Tool Design and Production: Design and Manufacture of dies and tools, moulds, jigs and fixtures, gauges and tool components etc. (upto 1 micron accuracy).
  • Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM).
  • Heat Treatment of all types of steels. Quality Control and Testing.
  • Training and Consultancy: Industry based long term training for tool & die makers. Short term training for managers & supervisors to upgrade their knowledge and skill.
  • Need based technical training for skilled workers/tool makers/machinists etc. Training in CNC technology, inspection, quality control testing etc.

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